From Canola Council of Canada

Peace Region (B.C. and Alberta): Welcome rains of 2” to 5” fell across most of the region early this week. Rains bypassed the northern Peace region and fields in that area are experiencing some drought stress.

Alberta: Rain blanketed Alberta, with a few tenths to 2” in the south and an average of 2” in central regions. Some areas got 5” to 6”. Central Alberta needed the rain. Earliest canola is bolting. A few warm days would help crops advance quickly. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Rain fell across the province, ranging from 1/2” to 3” in the southwest, 2” to 5” across the north, and at least that much in the southeast. Dry areas welcomed the rain. The southeast didn’t need any, and some areas (Weyburn, for example) now face extreme flooding. Earliest crops are bolting. All crops would benefit from some heat. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Rainfall varied from 1/4” in the east to 6.5” in the southwest where they didn’t need any rain at all. Many canola fields are under considerable moisture stress. The province needs a long stretch of warm days without rain. Manitoba crop report.