Manage Your Team, Field Tasks, Inventory and Auto-Capture Records.

Croptivity for the Farm

From start to finish, Croptivity™ simplifies tasks and ensures they are managed quickly and accurately. Use it for scheduling, scouting and tracking applications in the field. All records are stored in one place and can be easily accessed by everyone on your team.

Track Applications

With the click of a button you can record an application, review field application history and generate reports to view seeded acres, variety, application type, date, product and acres applied.

Team Collaboration and Communications

Keep everyone on the same page by scheduling tasks, tracking activities and sharing reports. Croptivity helps you work more closely with your operators, scouts, agronomists and managers.

Manage Inventory

Efficiently record movement of inventory across your farm and always know what’s in your bins.

Access Records From the Field

Quickly access farm information to know what happened in the past and schedule your next task.

Croptivity for Professionals

Croptivity sets a new standard for engaging growers and providing timely scouting reports and chemical recommendations. Improve communication and resolve crop issues quickly and accurately.

Manage Multiple Customers

Deliver high quality services that are scalable by having multiple farms and your team on one platform. All records are available for traceability reporting, team education and better farm management.

Scout More Efficiently

Quickly capture observations with default settings, pick lists and images. Field reports can be relayed to your customer or a senior agronomist.

Make Recommendations Faster

Deliver timely results to your grower through workflow automation tools such as preformatted recommendations.

Quality-assured soil testing

Use the same process for every soil test, ensuring a reliable measure of nutrient requirements from one year to the next.

Collaborate on the Farm

Whether you’re scouting, making product recommendations, tracking as-applied, or planning next season, everyone on the farm is working through one app.

Croptivity Mobile App

Croptivity is fully functional on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

  • Works offline, while in the field

  • Automatically records field weather and growth stage

  • Multi-user access with auto sync

  • GPS-referenced points and pre-loaded customizable lists


Croptivity and Battling Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

Implementing Integrated pest management (IPM) best practices is key to battling herbicide-resistant weeds like Wild Oat, Green Foxtail, and Broadleaf. Croptivity helps growers implement the priority IPM approaches for managing resistance.

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