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The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture has come out with its 2010-11 edition of the Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide. This is just a guide. There are various assumptions that go into the calculated rates, and the numbers should be adjusted to suit individual circumstances. Still, the publication is a useful starting point whether you’re doing custom work or getting custom work done. With seeding running late, there will likely be more custom seeding than usual. According to the guide, the average custom seeding rate with an air drill to cover all the costs, including labour and a return on investment, works out to just over $16 an acre. Air drills with independent openers are slightly higher, while air disc drills have an average custom rate of about $17.40 an acre. For land rollers, used on pulse crops, the rate for renting the roller comes out to $2.40 an acre. The average custom rate for land rolling is $5.34 an acre. You can download the complete Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide from the Ministry’s website www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca or you can contact the Agriculture Knowledge Centre in Moose Jaw. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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