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Innovation is constantly driving agriculture efficiencies and production systems, and just like new technology is shifting the way we communicate or travel, it is constantly changing the way we farm. The newest innovation is the CX-6 SMART Seeder from Clean Seed Capital.

Clean Seed Capital has made a move to technology and new ideas that will shape the future of how we apply seed and inputs. The pass across the field made by seeders is the most important path made every season, and it just got more accurate. Access to this new technology will be available at  select Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) dealerships across western Canada starting in 2016 through a distribution partnership agreement with Clean Seed Capital. In 2017 all 33 RME locations will have the ability to demonstrate and sell the CX-6 SMART Seeder. With Decisive Farming having a strategic alliance with RME this has allowed Decisive Farming the opportunity to be one of first Precision Farming companies to have the ability to work with this type of advanced seeding technology.

In the spring of 2016 there will be multiple trials across western Canada through RME and this will allow Decisive Farming to gain first hand experience with taking precision farming to an even more precise level.  With the CX-6 SMART Seeder each shank is metered independently of one another, a huge step up from seeding technology we have right now.

Instead of varying of product being limited by the size of the seeder, a 60-90ft wide object (or whatever size drill you have) there is the opportunity to variable rate every foot! Coupling this with the ability to distribute up to 6 products per shank means true precision fertilizer application and a chance to push the boundaries of what precision farming really can do.

As for precision seeding, not all seed varieties are built equal and some have traits better designed for disease, or standability or drought tolerance for example. Identifying where these issues arise within the field can allow for the opportunity to not just vary the rate of seed, but the actual variety of seed. Low areas lodge first on your farm and have worse disease? No problem, identify a variety that has a fit and seed it in the low areas and mitigate those risks.

The chance to push the envelope doesn’t stop at the metering system, but also gives a chance to manage the mortality of seed with a gentler approach to how the seed gets out of the tank and down into the ground. The rollers are made out of a softer sponge-like material which doesn’t damage the seed coat causing losses in germination and it also doesn’t degrade the fertilizer which creates a much more even flow of fertilizer.

The list of new concepts could keep going on from Bluetooth controls to easily changing the row spacing from the seat of the cab depending on the field. The technology involved is exciting, and the room to get better is endless. But the real excitement lies in getting to experiment with this innovative technology and see where it goes. Decisive Farming is ready to look at ways to make precision farming even more precise, even more profitable and take your business to the next level with our strategic alignment with RME and Clean Seed Capital.

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