Here are some more considerations on durum marketing and the expected price difference between the current crop year and the upcoming crop year. Rolling over No. 1, 2 or 3 durum contracted for this crop year into the new crop year is allowed, but it carries a fee that’s currently $69.75 a tonne. The fee exceeds the expected benefit. The new crop Pool Return Outlook is only $61 to $63 a tonne higher than the PRO for the current crop year. While the PRO for the current crop year should be pretty close to the final number, the new crop PRO could end up significantly higher or lower. Watch for changes in the fee being charged to roll your durum over and watch for changes in the new crop PRO. Fixed Price Contracts have been announced on wheat, but they have been delayed for durum. The CWB says Fixed Price Contract info for new crop durum should be available soon. Note that March 31 is the deadline for signing a Series B contract for current year durum deliveries. If you have already signed a Series B contract, you have until March 31 to change your mind. That way you could hold the durum and sell it in the new crop year without any rollover fees or penalties.

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