Farm management software takes collaboration between your on-farm team and trusted advisors to the next level

They say two heads are better than one. For today’s progressive farmer, this sentiment couldn’t be more true. With land values, input costs, machinery pricing and an increasingly competitive global market, maintaining an edge has never been so important to your operation. Staying strong on all fronts – strategic planning, agronomic practices, smart grain marketing and everything in between – is about working efficiently with your on-farm team and trusted outside advisors. There are simultaneous working pieces on the farm and they’re all moving faster than ever – that’s why it’s even more important for collaboration and communication to happen on- time.

With several external factors beyond your control, you can seize power by handling the things you can manage. This includes sharing your information, practices and decision-making amongst a highly collaborative team – and working on one central platform allows your agronomist and advisors to align themselves with your business interests.  

When you and your team are connected through farm management software (FMS), pertinent information is easily accessible to everyone who needs it, when they need it. The shared knowledge between you, your agronomist and your team helps with improved decision-making as well as timely adjustments where needed. This way, operations are constantly improving.

Your FMS: Streamlining the work you do with your agronomist, strengthing relationships

When evaluating the adoption of new farming technology into your operation, remember, ag technology is not designed to replace anything – instead, it works to enhance your relationships while increasing efficiency. Your FMS is not making decisions for you, it’s helping to ensure your team has all the information they need and that it’s easily accessible through one central mobile portal. When agronomists can collaborate and engage with you on a shared platform, that not only brings value but also enhances the partnership. It’s also saving time in record-keeping while simultaneously storing and locating information. Farm management software allows the entire team to share valuable knowledge and execute on plans to help achieve better results.

Your farm management software supports stronger collaboration in numerous ways:

The kitchen table advisory meeting becomes bigger and more accessible. When your agronomist is connected to your farm through farming software, you can collaborate with them, your operators, scouts and manager more efficiently. Plus, your trusted advisors can make recommendations quicker. With crop plans and prescriptions ready at your fingertips, checking in as you go is easy and effective.   

Record-keeping has never been so easy. Piles of paperwork are a thing of the past. Your farm record- keeping software allows you to capture information and activities on-the-fly using your mobile device. Farm books are always up-to-date and you can access them instantly –anytime, anywhere.

Everyone is on the same page. As the season picks up, manual activities, such as scouting, become more complex and labour intensive. Farm management software offers features, such as tracking and monitoring, that help make it easier to identify issues and automatically share them with your on-farm team. Additionally, your trusted advisors and agronomists can make recommendations more efficiently, provide reports on seeded acres, applications types, products and acres applied – all within one platform.

Profitability you can prove. Digitally-captured farm insights means they’re easily accessible and always there to back up your results – having this information available for your agronomist and other advisors can help with on-the-fly decision-making. Using farming software also means you and your agronomist can improve the understanding of costs and variables that impact and affect your overall profitability. 

Continue to build on improvement. Your agronomist can capture observations and quickly record accurate seeding rates, dates and locations for your friends. As you and your agronomist continue to gather, track and execute around your farm’s performance data, success can consistently be realized and improved upon. 

Plan, execute, track, and evaluate: collaboration streamlines decision-making and increases risk management in agriculture

The collaboration your FMS helps you achieve can create meaningful change in all aspects of your business. Throughout the growing season, accessible and shareable data provides better insights for not only immediate decision-making but also longer-term strategic planning with your agronomist and trusted advisors. When you start the season prepared with both seeding and input and crop management plans made with your agronomist, you can take action when and where it’s needed most. Farm management software also helps to keep track of everything happening across all your acres to ensure opportunities are never missed. At the end of the season, evaluating performance and profitability becomes simplified when all decisions and outcomes have been documented. 

Having connectivity through farm management software means you’ll move on to managing next year’s risk and reward as you continue to grow and improve year-over-year in productivity, profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

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