Regardless of industry, inventory management plays a critical role in your business’ success. Inventory management is used to monitor how goods move through the supply chain, meet customer demand, and generate revenue.

In farming, accurate inventory management can elevate an operation from producer to strategic partner. Growers who accurately and consistently capture the quantity, quality, and location of their grain help to reinforce their position of supplier of choice with processors.

Who is using farm management software to support inventory management?

The Stratus Ag Research report “Dynamics of Data in Ag” shows that 55% of Canadian and 65% of US farmers use farm management software.

Farm operations of all shapes and sizes rely on inventory management to provide accurate information to help make informed decisions on supply chain management and, ultimately, generate revenue. Depending on the size of your operation, tracking inventory can be a substantial expense — collecting information from employees and manually tracking inventory on a spreadsheet can be time-consuming, prone to error, and hard to scale as your farm grows.

With farm management software like Farm At Hand, you can easily record and access accurate, real-time information.

“We raise cattle as well, so when February rolls around I’m focused on calving, at the same time, trying to remember what bin has spring wheat and how much we need to pull to fulfill a contract. Being able to just go back to [Farm At Hand] and say, ‘Okay, yeah, there’s 800 bushel in that bin.’ That’s been the biggest thing for sure.” Abby, Majerus Ranch, Lewistown, MT

The benefits of accurate inventory management.

Accurate record-keeping allows you to make actionable decisions that directly impact your bottom line. Here are some of the benefits:

Storage Management — Create a virtual bin yard so you can track the location and available capacity for your bins and bags. Recording your grain’s quality attributes allows you to provide consistency and traceability to your partners along the supply chain, all the way to the end consumer. If you have an expansive network of storage bins and bags, you can also create efficiencies with haul-ins and outs through strategic bin management when managing delivery trucks.

Contract Satisfaction — Inventory tracking solutions provide a real-time inventory status to marketers so that you can make informed decisions based on commodity price and available product. Knowing exactly where your product is could mean faster deliveries, improved customer satisfaction and increased sales revenue.

Enhanced insights — Accessing real-time information eliminates inventory management errors and removes the guesswork in your sales position. Accurate reports offer a clear picture of your available space, available product, contract fulfillment, and year-over-year comparisons.

How to use Decisive Farming to manage your inventory.

Our farm management software with inventory tracking capabilities allows you to record the grading characteristics of the contents in your inventory in a centralized location that is easy to reference. Everything from moisture levels, protein, and the net weight of the grain can be tracked from transfer to transfer and while in storage.

Decisive Farming’s Inventory Management solutions streamline field-to-elevator traceability and make it easy for you to know the quality of your stored grain to maximize on grain marketing opportunities. With My Farm Manager®, you can effortlessly record transfers and save supporting documents of grain movement from field to bin, bin to bin, bin to contract, and all points in between. You can also track crop inputs such as fuel and fertilizer from point of purchase to storage or field. Access to Inventory Management is available on- and off-line.

Ready to integrate a farm management solution for record keeping on your operation? Let’s get to work. Together. Contact your local Decisive Farming representative today.