There’s a website now providing a lot of information on grain prices. The Alberta Canola Producers Commission has added a new feature on its website that provides daily grain prices as well as links to various futures markets. The cash prices quoted are for various regions within Alberta, and that’s useful for anyone marketing feed barley into feedlot alley. There are also cash quotes for canola, peas, flax, feed wheat and oats. The prices come from a number of buyers in each region, so you’re not just getting the price quote from one company. There’s also a weekly feed grain report you can subscribe to. Through the links to futures prices, you have access to charts that track prices and volumes. Various market analysts provide newsletters to which you can subscribe and there’s valuable price information and analysis, but it’s good to take advantage of information that’s free. The Alberta Canola Producers Commission, like its counterparts in the other provinces, is funded by producers. To my knowledge no commission or organization in Saskatchewan is providing a similar service. To check out the information being compiled in Alberta, just Google Alberta Canola Producers Commission. I’m Kevin Hursh.