FP Genetics and Decisive Farming have entered into an agreement to promote their new combination service to farms that want significant improvements in both yields and profitability.

Decisive Farming’s variable rate seed (Optimize RX-S™) utilizes patent pending technology to enhance profits through improved placement of seed, which optimizes the potential of each area within the customer’s fields.

Shareholders and seed retailers of FP Genetics will provide growers with locally grown certified seed of FP Genetics varieties that will deliver the yield and agronomic traits needed to boost production and profit for customers in their area.

By using Optimize RX-S™ with FP Genetics’ Certified seed; the proper amount of seed is placed in each area of the field thereby ensuring the highest level of seed utilization is occurring, which will deliver better yields and increased margins. All fields are variable in their production potential and failing to adjust seeding rates to compensate for this variability can leave profits out in the field. Optimize RX-S™ delivers only the right amount of seed; from hilltops to valleys and everywhere in between; to provide optimal yields throughout the field.

Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming says, “The last four years of work with Optimize RX-S™ has delivered excellent yield responses with typical profit increases of $10/acre. Couple that with the excellent new varieties from FP Genetics’ shareholders and we can expect to see even more substantial yield gains.”

“Certified seed delivers excellent quality and value to growers and the newer products deliver even more value through improved yields and better agronomic traits. AC® Harvest is the most popular CWRS variety in Western Canada and our newer varieties deliver up to 15% higher yields and better pest resistance.” says Rod Merryweather, CEO of FP Genetics. “Combining our new varieties with Optimize RX-S™ will deliver even higher profits for farm customers.

“In fact, we are so sure we will deliver greater returns,” says Merryweather; “We will pay the cost of Optimize RX-S™ for all growers who utilize the service along with our leading varieties. We know if growers try this winning combination they will become loyal customers.”

In spring of 2014, after four years of consistent trial results, 34 000 acres utilizing Optimize RX-S™ has been planted. It is expected that 2015 will see a large increase in acres as growers recognize the value of FP Genetics seed combined with free Optimize RX-S™. Agronomic staff from both companies will work together to provide profitable information to their farm customers.

For further information on FP Genetics’ certified seed or Decisive Farming services, please visit our websites at:
www.fpgenetics.ca www.decisivefarming.com

About FP Genetics Inc.
FP Genetics was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to providing superior new crop varieties to its group of over 150 seed grower shareholders across Western Canada for multiplication and sale. FP Genetics works with breeding institutions from around the world to develop varieties from infancy to optimum market potential. FP Genetics currently has over 60 varieties available. The company is a major producer of new cereal, oilseed, special crop and forage varieties in Western Canada. For more information about our market leading cereal varieties contact us at rmerryweather@fpgenetics.ca or contact your local seed grower/owner.

About Decisive Farming
Decisive Farming provides highly effective management solutions to grain farmers. Our focus is on precision agronomics, crop marketing and information management services that are geared towards farm profitability and ease-of-use. Our services are setting the standard in quality and performance; and unlike other providers, our solutions are fully integrated through our web software and are supported by the very best providers in the industry. For more information contact Remi Schmaltz,
1-800-941-4811 ext. 6 or remi@decisivefarming.com