Know-Risk™ Farm Management and DynAgraVRT will be exhibiting at Farm Tech 2011, January 26-28 at the Mayfield Inn and Suites. Come see us in booth 18!


Know-Risk™ Farm Management offers growers the knowledge, training, tools and support to make informed market decisions based on their farm margins instead of market prices. With features including:


– Daily updated profit margin tracking

– Basis relationships

– Delayed commodity quotes
– Robust reporting in ag and energy commodities

– 24/7 access at
– Know-Risk™ technical support

– Know-Risk™ training workshops
– Individual consultation and mentorship
– Annual Know-Risk™ Conference


 Variable Rate Technology is a method of applying varying rates of crop inputs in corresponding zones throughout the field. The goal of VRT is to optimize crop yields while creating efficiencies in input application and ensure sustainability and environmental safety.