Your soil has a unique story

Agriculture continues to demand more from farmers all the time. Producing higher yields per acre while taking better care of the land and environment means progressive farmers are constantly looking for new ways to take on the world. The technology and innovation you count on may be complex, but when you hit the fields you can trust the science has been done behind the scenes, so your workday remains streamlined.

Balancing higher production with better fertility management takes good agronomy to manage all the determining factors affecting your crop’s nutrient uptake and ultimately, its performance. It starts with knowing your soil like the back of your hand.

Underneath the surface of your fields, there’s a lot going on. From texture to organic matter, nutrient content, water holding capacity and compaction, your nutrient management program starts with leveraging all the information gained through accurate soil testing. This includes knowing your fields’ variable zones and the ways they change throughout the season.

With that, you’ll have an accurate picture of how your soil is currently performing, as well as which nutrients will be required for optimal plant growth in the upcoming season. Your soil’s nutrient uptake and removal are at the foundation of your zone management and fertility strategies. “Understanding this allows growers to build strategic plans and optimize their fertilizer use across the farm,” says Garth Donald, Decisive Farming co-founder and manager of agronomy. “With that understanding comes the knowledge to create sound yield goals while avoiding over or under-fertilizing for the crops you are growing.”

As you manage your fields according their various growth zones, you can achieve the best yield potential by integrating a tailored variable rate (VR) program that works for you. Using VR fertility, you can be confident that you’re applying the right amount of nutrients in the right place, so they’re used most efficiently. With Decisive Farming’s Optimize RX®, experienced agronomists collaborate with you to meet your goals and develops a tailored prescription based on your farm’s unique needs. Meanwhile, you can focus on the areas of your fields you can make shine, putting your investment in the places where it will grow you the best returns in yield and profit.

The best approach is a balanced approach.

As your soil is changing all the time, it’s essential to determine any factors that might be inhibiting optimal nutrient levels according to the crops you are growing. “There are many things within your soil which will not allow you to achieve the required nutrient levels for your crops,” says Donald. “A balanced fertility program creates a healthy plant that has all the nutrients required for it to grow. The key is working together for a common goal and having realistic yield goals in creating that balanced approach.”

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