There is now heat, a little bit of moisture, and we are starting to see a big difference in the growth of the 13 different varieties of canola. The crop stages still varies between the different strips, but DuPont’s 3150 has the best emergence and is mostly at the 3-4 true leaf stage. The soil temperature was 17.2 degrees Celsius. With heat like this, things are sure going to green up fast!

It is also time to start thinking about the optimal time to spray your Canola. With Roundup Ready and Invigor varieties, it gives you more opportunities to eliminate the weed pressures in your fields to provide you with the most profit in your pockets. This also allows you to apply more than one application to your crop too.

We also want to invite you all to our plot tour, which will be on July 29, 2009 from 10am to 2 pm. The plot is located south of Rockyford, AB. Hope to see you there!