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This is the time of year when growers start asking what they can do to get the most out of next year’s crops.  Without a doubt, one of the most important factors in planning a good fertility program will include reliable soil testing and analysis.  At Decisive Farming, our Sure-Check quality-assured soil testing program was developed to ensure accuracy at all stages of the soil testing process. Here’s a look at what’s included:

  • Benchmarked Test Points: 12-15 test points are strategically selected, and GPS referenced.
  • Top-soil and Sub-soil Core Sampling: 0-6 inches and 6-24 inches for each test point
  • Accredited Lab Analysis: each sample includes analysis of over 20 different soil characteristics
    (including organic matter, micro-nutrients, ph, and salinity).
  • Online Access to Test Results: view and download test results on your PC, tablet or handheld device.

You can get even more from your soil testing program by upgrading to Optimize RX:

Sure-Check soil testing can be ordered as a stand-alone service, on a per field basis.  But it’s also included in our Optimize RX packages for precision agronomics.  When soil testing is completed as part of an Optimize RX service, your benchmarked test points will correspond to management zones that are based on a number of additional factors (satellite imagery, field geography, weather and erosion patterns, field history, yield data, and more).

Upgrading to Optimize RX also means that a certified agronomist is available for consultation. Our agronomists will also interpret the soil test results and provide fertilizer recommendations that match your production goals for each field, zone-by-zone.  Based on this data, optimal fertilizer blends are calculated and prescription files are formatted for your equipment, delivered, and ready to apply.

To order Sure-Check soil testing, or for more information about Optimize RX precision agronomics, please email us or call today: 1-800-941-4811.