DynAgra® is launching an industry leading service, Know-Risk™ Farm Management, for Western Canadian growers to take crop marketing and risk management on the farm to a new level. Know-Risk™ Farm Management offers growers the knowledge, training, tools and support to make informed market decisions based on their farm margins instead of market prices. “We want to see growers increase their farm’s profitability while reducing their vulnerability in the market. Know-Risk™ focuses on margin rather than price by combining daily market data with the grower’s farm information; allowing the grower to make a truly informed decision.” says Manager of Corporate Development for DynAgra®, Remi Schmaltz.

Wanting to be the first to answer the Western Canadian growers need for a complete profit margin management system, DynAgra® partnered with Risk Management Incorporated, a company dedicated to providing risk management services and products to mitigate price and credit risk in commodity exposure, to create Know-Risk™ Farm Management. DynAgra’s first customer to use the service, president of Creekstone Farms, Greg Appleyard, farms 25,000 acres near Strathmore, AB and has found Know-Risk™ Farm Management to be a valuable tool. “I truly believe that in order to be sustainable over the next 10 years, all farms will require an advanced system for crop marketing and farm risk management.” says Greg, “ Know-Risk™ was created for this purpose, and it’s taking farm profitability to the next level.”

Know-Risk™ Farm Management features include:

– Daily updated profit margin tracking

– Basis relationships

– Delayed commodity quotes
– Robust reporting in ag and energy commodities

– 24/7 access at www.dynagra.com
– Know-Risk™ technical support

– Know-Risk™ training workshops
– Individual consultation and mentorship
– Annual Know-Risk™ Conference

DynAgra®, an independent Western Canada-based Company, is dedicated to providing growers with the tools to manage the risk and maximize the profitability of their farm business through the continued innovation of agricultural products and services. We are committed to developing and providing growers with the latest in farm management, precision agronomics, variable rate technology, soil fertility, crop protection, fertilizers, custom application and financial solutions.