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This may come as a surprise to those still suffering from flooding, but if the weather holds, a bit of seeding will take place in Saskatchewan this week. The extreme southwest corner of the province is usually the first out of the gate. Many years, seeding is underway there by the middle of April. This year, the deep southwest is still wet. Areas around Shaunavon, Consul and Maple Creek had a pile of snow and it has been slow to leave. Producers who are often in full swing with their seeding by now won’t be rolling for a while. However, north of the TransCanada highway up to the South Saskatchewan River, there are areas where seeding will soon be feasible. Remnants of snow banks can still be seen in some tree rows and side hills. But, there are weeds popping up in the field and the frogs have started to croak at night. That shows the soil is warming up. If you avoid the sloughs, you can drive across a lot of fields. While field work won’t become general this week, in this pocket of southwest Saskatchewan, there are likely to be some producers who at least get a start on seeding.
I’m Kevin Hursh.