In 2014, Decisive Farming was selected as a TechRev Innovator because of their forward-thinking innovations in agricultural science. In just a few years, Decisive Farming has made a profound impact on the farming industry, helping to improve farm economics and crop development.

Decisive Farming is dedicated to providing crop farmers with the tools and knowledge to increase the profitability of their farm business. Their cloud based software as a service is wholly integrated from field to market to provide a suite of services from GPS bench marked soil testing, to crop marketing/risk management services; all  delivered through their web software, My Farm Manager. This two time Ag-Innovation award winner is truly a leader in agricultural innovation.  With the launch of their data integration service, My Farm Manager™, Decisive Farming is expanding their services to new levels of information management and data accessibility on the farm.

Remi Schmaltz, CEO, Decisive Farming shares some insights about the company and an important tip to encourage startup companies.

Q: How much has the company changed since TechRev Innovators 2014?


The changes have been significant! Since winning a TechRev Innovators award, Decisive Farming has gone on to win some of the most prestigious awards, such as the ASTECH award for Innovation in Agriculture Science.  The other big change is that we launched the new My Farm Manager (our data management platform) in August of 2014 and since then we have been able to establish licensing deals and alliances with some of the largest and most reputable agriculture companies in the world.

Q: What is in the works for Decisive Farming?


Expansion into the USA and adding significant new service partners on the My Farm Manager platform that will drive adoption and significant growth of the business. My Farm Manager connects the service providers, the key people and the data on the farm. Through My Farm Manager, all the farm information reaches the right people in near real-time. It’s value creation for the grower but also for the service providers that work on the farm.

Q: What are the benefits of being a past TechRev Innovator?


The biggest benefit of TechRev is the networking and recognition locally that helps open doors that can contribute to growing the business.

Q: What is one important advice that has helped your company’s growth that would benefit a startup company?


Focus and integrity are two of the most important things that an entrepreneur can have.   There are a million ideas out there and a person can’t do them all, so focus on the low hanging fruit and make it happen!  While growing the business the integrity you have is shown in your actions and people pick up on it very quickly- make sure to stay true to your word.

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