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From Amanda Homans, Agronomist for Decisive Farming.

In most circumstances sulphur is applied in the spring as a blend for the up and coming season.  Another option is to apply Tiger 90CR Sulphur in the fall or early in the spring as a surface broadcast application.  This method exposes the sulphur particles to the freeze thaw cycle allowing for maximum degradation and release during the growing season.   These fine micro particles rapidly oxidize as the soil warms up and the soil microbes come to life.

Some innovated farmers are applying sulphur at higher rates, 80-100 lbs.  The higher Tiger 90CR Sulphur application will provide a multi-year benefit as it releases over the growing season and into the second and third seasons.  Soil testing is utilized to monitor the sulphur residual effect.  Others are putting down 30-40 lbs of Tiger 90CR and going on a yearly maintenance program keying in on their sulphur crop removal requirements.  Either way is very effective and very efficient.