The 5th Annual Master Seeders Conference held in Regina SK was a big success, with visitors traveling from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and USA to attend.  Decisive Farming was there to present new information about Optimize RX and the effects of variable rate inputs (fertilizer and seed) on yield.


Some information about Optimize RX-S and the benefits of variable rate seeding:

Adjusting seeding rates to the growing conditions (optimizing crop density) is one of the basic principals of agronomy.  The benefits of Optimize RX-S seeding include yield increase, even crop ripening, more efficient use of fertilizers, seed savings, lower risk of diseases, and higher yield quality.

Each crop type has an optimal seeding rate and the effects of variable rate seeding will vary, depending on field characteristics.  This means the strategies for variable rate seeding in wheat, barley, canola, peas, and lentils will be different.

Decisive Farming crop trials have demonstrated an average yield increase of 3% in wheat and barley, provided that the average seeding rates have been selected correctly.  That’s in addition to the effects of your RX-F variable rate fertilizer application.

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