Agri-Trade 2011 is Alberta’s largest agriculture show and an important part of its programming includes recognizing and awarding industry-leading innovations in agriculture.  The show took place last weekend in Red Deer Alberta, and Decisive Farming received the 2011 Ag-Innovation award for Know-Risk™, an advanced farm risk management and crop marketing service available to farmers in Western Canada.

Winning the Ag-Innovations award is “an important step in the growth of Know-Risk™,” says Remi Schmaltz, General Manager of Decisive Farming, “first of all, it means that the industry recognizes the importance of developing farm risk management services that are specific to the needs of farms in Western Canada; second, all the positive feedback we’re getting for Know-Risk™ is going to allow us to continue developing new and improved services like this.  And as far we’re concerned, the end goal is greater farm profitability for each of our clients.”

And the list of clients is growing rapidly.  According to Schmaltz, “since the launch of Decisive Farming earlier this year, we are dealing with an increasing number of progressive farmers that are looking for new ways to effectively manage their farms and the increasing volume of data that’s available today.  Our clients in Alberta and Saskatchewan are looking for new ideas that meet the specific needs of their farm business, whether they’re farming 2000 acres or 25,000 acres. In both cases, our farm management software and our strategically located business development specialists are allowing us to develop strong business relationships with farms of various sizes across Western Canada.”

Decisive Farming has a history of moving ideas forward and recognizes the value of new innovations in farming.  Know-Risk™ is the newest offering – developed in partnership with RMI Consulting, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of INTL FCStone Inc., it was released in early 2011.  Already a huge success, the current program consists of a monthly subscription that offers farmers exclusive access to our senior risk management team and personal advisors that provide expert advice about advanced marketing and hedging strategies that are specific to the client’s customized marketing plan.  Added to this is Know-Risk™ WebTools, an online platform that provides clients with unlimited access to powerful analysis tools, custom reporting features, and 25+ market reports. Everything is updated daily to reflect current market prices.

For the farmers who are yet to embrace the idea of web tools, or who have a limited knowledge of crop marketing, Know-Risk™ has an ongoing program of information sessions and small group workshops that introduce the basic ideas and principles of the market and Know-Risk™ web tools. “Helping educate our clients is an important part of the service – it’s more than just software and high-tech programs.”  To find out when the next Know-Risk™ information session is scheduled for your area, contact Decisive Farming.