FCStone Merchant Services partners with Decisive Farming to launch a new grain marketing program in Canada.

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Join Forces with an Established Trading Firm

With the new Producer Max Grain Marketing Program, you can participate in a professionally managed, global-reaching grain program.  The experienced staff at FCStone Merchant Service will use their expertise and knowledge to secure the value received for the participant’s portion of grain.

Producer Max is open to all growers – Sign up Today!

Here’s How the Producer Max Grain Marketing Program Works:

1. Place Your Order

Specify your bushels before the start date of the grain marketing program. Once the bushels are entered in the program they cannot be taken out.

2. Trading Period

FCStone Merchant Services will commence trading on the total volume, and specified trading period, works with participants to secure basis pricing in advantageous markets.

3. Merchant Pricing

At the end of the term all participants will be given the board price set by FCStone Merchant Services, less a fee of $.12/bushel.

Upcoming Grain Marketing Programs:

2014 Wheat: Feb 27 – Jun 30 2015

Deadline for all orders is Feb 27, 2015
Min. 10,000 bushels

2015 Wheat: Feb 27 – Aug 31 2015

Deadline for all orders is Feb 27, 2015
Min. 10,000 bushels

How Can I join the Upcoming Marketing Programs?

Grain Marketing Programs are open to all producers.  If you are new to Decisive Farming and are interested in participating in the Producer Max Grain Marketing Program, please contact us today to place your order.

New customers will also get access to our award-winning farm management software as part of their program fee.  My Farm Manager™ makes it easy to connect with key service providers and access important records, whether you’re in the office, in the field, or on vacation.