Benefits of having multiple years of information when crop planning


You operate in an age of data-driven farming. The question is: how do you manage all of your information? While schools of thought differ, one fact remains: you can benefit immensely by documenting multiple years’ worth of information, especially as you begin to plan for next season. The more information you have, the greater your chance at success in the field. 

Digital accuracy

We’re used to pen, paper and spreadsheets, however, what happens when you misplace your notebook, or forget to bring it with you on a trip as you plan your next crop year? Digital record-keeping has rapidly become the norm with crop planning as you can toggle between multiple data sets and never have to worry about losing your information because it’s stored digitally – meaning it goes where you go. 

Review years in seconds

Through Decisive Farming’s farm management software, Farm At Hand, you can review your previous years of data with a moment’s notice. With quick, reliable access to your agronomic information, crop planning is a breeze. Whether it’s herbicide history or soil test results from a particular field, year-over-year data provides instant insights, so you can make an informed decision for tomorrow. A high-performance farm demands high performance tools – and both give you the means to succeed.

“You can have an answer in minutes of what you want to do in the following years because it’s all right in front of you,” says Garth Donald, Decisive Farming’s manager of agronomy. “It’s easy and always at your fingertips.”

Future focus

The ability to review data whenever needed gives you critical information as you plan your next year. The benefits of digitizing farm records are well-known and documented – what you did in the past may impact next year, but you need to be able to review that information first and foremost. Having digitally-logged information means there’s no chance of it changing, which comes as a relief when you need accurate numbers to forecast for next year.

Don’t forget, digital record-keeping is also a tremendous benefit when planning a farm succession. Bringing in the next-gen to the farm is important, but so is giving them access to the same records you benefit from. Some suggest it’s too difficult and farm life is too busy to implement such a practice on your farm. It’s a common objection, but as farming becomes more high-tech and digitized, ask yourself: What is the cost if I don’t have safe, reliable access to multiple years of crop data?


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