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Calgary, AB / Decisive Farming™ today announced a new offer for farms that provides FP Genetics certified seed with its revolutionary variable rate seeding technology, making it one of the first seed packages available in the North American market that comes with a prescription.

Using variable rate seeding prescriptions removes the guesswork for determining optimal seeding rates throughout the field; allowing farms to achieve higher yields, better grade, and also enjoy easier combining.

“Variable rate seeding is about combining the right fertility package with a seed rate that achieves the optimal plant count for each specific area of the field,” states Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming. “Our proven precision agronomy services have shown consistent ROI over 9 years of field scale trials. We’re proud to say that 96% of our whole farm customers stay with Decisive Farming season after season.”

When using constant rate seed applications, farmers seed at average rates for the whole field even though there are varying growing capabilities within their fields. This problem is solved when using Decisive Farming’s patented variable rate technology.

As part of an effort to ensure farmers get the most from their fields; FP Genetics and Decisive Farming have created a joint offering.  Farms using qualifying certified seed varieties can try the variable rate seeding technology for free. The aim is to help growers optimize their crop yield by utilizing leading cereal varieties delivered using Decisive Farming’s Optimize RX-S variable rate seeding prescription. Alternatively, growers not setup for variable rate can chose Decisive Farming’s Sure-Check GPS benchmarked soil sampling service.

“This is a significant differentiator for FP Genetics Seed Growers”, says Rod Merryweather CEO of FP Genetics. “Our customers receive best-in-class precision agronomy services for free when they purchase qualifying FP seed varieties. When you provide the best seed with a proven science-based seeding prescription, customers will succeed and keep coming back for more.”

FP Genetics certified seed varieties are available through their network of over 150 seed growers across Western Canada. Farms can find a local FP Genetics seed grower by visiting the website www.fpgenetics.ca.

The sales initiative between FP Genetics and Decisive Farming provides free Optimize RX-S and Sure-Check services to growers who purchase a minimum of 160 acres of certified seed of qualifying FP Genetics varieties.

For complete terms and conditions on the initiative, to find a FP Genetics Seed Grower, or to redeem a free service visit decisivefarming.com/FP or call 1-800-941-4811, extension 5.

About Decisive Farming

Decisive Farming™ provides highly effective management solutions to crop farmers and agriculture service providers. Our focus is on precision agronomicscrop marketing and information management services that are geared toward farm profitability, sustainability and ease-of-use. Our services are setting the standard in quality and performance; and unlike other providers, our solutions are fully integrated through our web software (My Farm Manager™) and are supported by the very best providers in the industry. For more information on Decisive Farming, visit www.decisivefarming.com and visit www.decisivefarming.com/partners to review our service partners.

About FP Genetics

FP Genetics was founded in March 2008 based on the principles of honesty, integrity and good business practice to create a seed production, distribution and sales force in Western Canada. The company is owned by over 150 shareholders, most being pedigree seed growers along with some retail shareholders. Our shareholders are seed experts who provide their customers with the leading varieties and expert advice so that growers have the right seed and seed additives for their farms. The shareholder network spans the entire agricultural producing area in Western Canada from the Red River Valley in Manitoba to the Peace River District of Alberta. FP Genetics has more than 60 varieties of various crop types including wheat and durum (such as AC® Transcend and CDC Plentiful), barley, oats, flax, triticale, peas, lentils and fall rye. Brasetto fall rye is the first viable cereal hybrid in Western Canada.