1.) Less Disease

“Planting wheat seed saved from previous years’ production has been a common practice in years past. Continuing to do so these days, however, could cost you more than it’s worth – unless you treat it before you plant it.

Whether transmitted via the soil or the seed itself, disease can cause myriad levels of crop loss all the way up to completely totaling out a crop. That makes planting certified treated seed a must these days, says one wheat disease expert.” http://precisionagricultu.re/wheat-farmers-dont-plant-saved-seed/


2.) Buy certified seed from FP Genetics and get free Optimize RX-S from Decisive Farming for even greater profits.

2 great reasons and it works on more than just wheat! See below for FP Genetics qualifying varieties

CDC Plentiful – CWRS
CDC Utmost VB – CWRS
AC® Muchmore – CWRS
AC® Enchant VB – CPSR
AC® Transcend – CWAD
AC® Newdale – 2 Row Malt
AC® Summit – White Milling
CDC Minstrel – White Milling
Abarth – Yellow Pea

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