There’s a lot of crop left to harvest, particularly in the northern grainbelt. When the weather finally straightens out, producers will be anxious to get combines rolling again. The Canola Council of Canada says producers may want to consider harvesting their canola ahead of other crops such as cereals. Canola tends to hold its grade during wet fall weather, meaning canola in the swath is probably still top quality. However, Canola Council agronomists say that won’t be the case if canola is left out until the spring. Both canola and cereals will lose bushel weight and be prone to rodent damage in overwintered swaths. However, molds and a buildup of free fatty acids in the oil can drop a No. 1 or No. 2 canola to sample grade by spring, with a large reduction in value. According to the Canola Council, harvesting top grade canola should be a priority when producers get back into the field, especially if weathering has already downgraded the value of other crops. Be careful about storage though. If canola comes off the field with a moisture content of 10 to 12 per cent or higher, producers will need to consider heated air drying. I’m Kevin Hursh.