Many Saskatchewan grain farmers have had some good years and they’ve built up their AgriStability reference margins. With different crops and much higher costs, most Ontario grain farmers say they haven’t built up that same protection. Grain and oilseed farmers in Ontario lobbied hard for a Risk Management Program (RMP) that was implemented within that province back in 2007. However, it is supported by only the Ontario government. The feds haven’t come to the table. RMP support prices are established for each eligible crop based on the cost of production. Producers pay premiums depending upon what percentage of the support price they want to insure. Here on the Prairies, most producers will tell you that a program covering the cost of production would be wonderful. But there’s little expectation that it will ever come to pass. Expectations are different in Ontario. Maybe it’s the influence of having such a large supply managed dairy sector where prices are based on a cost of production formula. Maybe, it’s because producers in neighbouring Quebec have long had lucrative farm programs. And maybe it’s because Ontario farmers feel that they have some political power. Ontario farm votes are up for grabs and can be enough to swing entire ridings. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and Ontario farmers are squeaking loudly. I’m Kevin Hursh.