Soil Analysis

A&L Labs is the only trusted laboratory for all of Decisive Farming’s Agronomy services. Sure-Check and Optimize RX need precise soil analysis to get accurate results and A&L labs has the accreditation and quality assurances we need to make sure our farmers get results. A&L’s lab results are uploaded directly into My Farm Manager; allowing you to connect your agronomic data with financial, farm records, equipment data and other farm data. Trusted results from start to finish

A&L is a name that is synonymous with quality in the agricultural industry for over 30 years. A&L Labs on-going focus on research and development enables them to consistently strive to bring you innovative new tools and services, into the areas of complete pest residue and disease diagnostics, microbiology, food safety and bio assay.They have become the benchmark of quality and service in the soil fertility testing market. A&L quality management is designed to produce reliable data, which includes verification of recognized methodologies and provide step by step procedures that ensures the integrity of all generated data.

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